Saltine cracker crumb pie crust

A saltine crackercrust and lemoncondensed milk filling strike the perfect balance between salty and sweet. Remove from the oven when they are a golden brown and let cool for a few minutes. I like to leave the crumbs a bit coarse to give the crust. Put the entire sleeve of crackers into a blender or food processor with the melted butter and blend until the crackers are crumbs. Pour the mixture into your pie plate, and press the crumbs onto the bottom. Cracker pie is a simple pie with simple ingredients and its easily altered to suit whatever you have on hand.

In the work bowl of a food processor, pulse together crackers and sugar until finely ground. Knead the butter into the cracker crumbs until large clumps of dough are formed. Built on a saltine cracker crust, atlantic beach pie hits all the right notes. Press the mixture into an 8 or 9 inch pie pan, as you would for a graham cracker crust. Press mixture into a standard 9 pie pan to form the crust s bottom and sides. Fresh peach pie with a surprise meringue crust made with soda crackers. Crush saltine crackers either with your hands in a bowl or with a food processor. Martha made this recipe on episode 6 of martha bakes.

Using a rolling pin or the bottom of a glass measuring cup, roll or tap the crackers to crush. You can use either a regular pastry pie crust, or a graham cracker crust. This allows the flour to hydrate and the gluten to relax so youll actually be able to roll out the pie crust without much effort. Or i make it without pecans and fill with fruit filling such as lemon filling. Pour the crumbs into a mediumsize bowl and add the butter. It is delicious even if it sounds funny i am so glad to. Add the melted butter and corn syrup to the cracker mixture. This atlantic beach pie has a salty cracker crust and a creamy lemonlime filling, topped with whipped cream. Key lime pie with saltine crust paula deen magazine. Why you should use saltines for your next pie crust.

Add the sugar, then knead in the butter until the crumbs. A unique crust made with saltine crackers, melted butter, and light corn syrup sets this pie apart from the competition. Lemon pie with a saltine crust aka bill smiths atlantic. I use crushed ritz crackers all the time as a crispy topping for casseroles like this southern broccoli casserole. In a slow stream add butter, using a fork to toss well. Key lime pie with salty cracker crust the swanky sweet. Chocolate cheesecake with saltine cracker crust recipe. The salt is already in the mixture, and the crackers themselves are less buttery than the ritz or and less sweet than the graham cracker options. A pie to cut through summers heat the new york times.

The salty cracker crust is the ideal pairing, but a graham cracker crust will do fine. Pour the saltine mixture into the prepared pie plate. B however, if you are making a nobake pie, such as a lemon meringue or millionaire pie, you need to bake on 375 for 34 min or until the crust is golden brown. Ritz crackers, saltines, or chip crumbs all work beautifully to make a buttery crust. Add the butter, and sugar and pulse the motor until thoroughly combined. This is a cake using saltine crackers instead of flour, and it is so good.

For the crust, crush the crackers finely, but not to dust, and place them in a medium bowl. That makes it a perfect counterpoint for the tangy. Add the saltines and salt to the food processor and pulse until you have coarse crumbs about 15 pulses. You can substitute nuts, cookies or even saltines for the traditional graham cracker crumbs. Add the sugar, then knead in the butter until the crumbs hold together like dough. Mix crumbs with 12 cup melted butter and 14 cup sugar.

This one however, uses the saltine crackers and a combination of lemon juice and lime juice. For example, i made a lemon icebox pie with this crust and i used pretzels and nilla wafers for the crumb mixture. This is what you will need to make the easiest peach pie and the easiest pie crust egg whites sugar baking powder vanilla chopped pecans saltine crackers. Why you should use saltines for your next pie crust myrecipes. I, privileged yankee pie consumer, had previously been unaware of the many pleasures of the saltine cracker pie crust. A few years ago, nprs all things considered radio show did a feature on the atlantic beach pie a north carolina pie with a lemon custard filling and whipped cream topping, nestled inside a unique saltine cracker crumb crust. Add the cracker mixture to a greased 9inch pie plate. A saltine cracker crust and lemoncondensed milk filling strike the perfect balance between salty and sweet. Mix all topping ingredients with a pastry cutter until blended well and crumbly. How to make easy key lime pie in just 10 minutes taste.

You may have to break the crackers up to get all of them to fit into your food processor. The pie became so popular in his restaurant, that it is now a permanent item on the menu. I use soda crackers, saltines, graham crackers or buttery round crackers. No bake crumb crust recipe makes summer easy restless. Weve got plenty of ideas for crumb crusts to inspire you.

Chef darin sehnert hands on cooking classes savannah ga. You can make it out of any type of cookie or cracker plus you can combine different kinds of crumbs to get unique and personalized flavors. Note that it is important after slicing the tomatoes, to season them and lay out on paper towels to degorge or draw out excessive moisture before putting them in the crust. Saltine crackers add crunch, saltiness to this classic southern pie. Old fashioned vidalia onion pie recipe julias simply. Mix in 3 tablespoons sugar, then pour melted butter over all. The salt is already in the mixture, and the crackers. I used to make this dessert years ago only i used ritz crackers and either blueberry or cherry pie filling. Vidalia onion pie with ritz cracker crust spicy southern. How to make a saltine cracker pie crust the how to cook.

You can also make this a day ahead of time and chill overnight, or even freeze it for pie crust crackers in an instant well, not instant, you still have to let it thaw out in the fridge overnight before rolling. Crush crackers in a food processor or a ziploc bag with a rolling pin, until they become fine crumbs. Using the bottom of a dry measuring 12 cup, press the crumbs into an even layer on the bottom and sides of the plate, using your fingers to keep the crumbs in as youre pressing the crumbs. Just like graham crackers, saltine crackers can be used for a nice pie crust, but you have to crumble them finely enough to stick together when. Both are delicious so you cant go wrong either way. Vidalia onion pie with ritz cracker crust is a great way to showcase those spring sweet onions.

Add the melted butter and corn syrup and pulse until the crumbs are about. Try not to eat the whole batch while you are smelling the delicious pie crust crackers. Makes 1 9inch regular piecrust or 1 9inch deepdish piecrust. We use both lemon zest and juice in the custard filling. You may have to break the pieces apart to fit it all in. With saltine crackerscombined with corn syrup, butter plus an additional pinch of saltthe pie crust it produces is buttery and crumbly and plays exceptionally well against any sweet and tart filling. The crust is as easy to put together as a graham cracker crust, but heres the. No bake crumb crust is absolutely perfect for pies, cheesecakes, and bars. Today folks may choose to use different types of cheese or what have you. Baked saltine cracker chicken recipe six sisters stuff. The cooks country recipe uses both lemon zest and juice in the custard filling for a bright pop of citrus flavor. She kindly shared her pie crust recipe with us, and i loved learning that soda crackers were in the crust.

In a bowl, combine saltine cracker crumbs, melted butter and water until combined. A if you are baking the pie in the oven, you dont need to parbake the saltine crust. You can also top your pie with extras like toasted coconut or chopped macadamia nuts. How many saltine crackers does it take to make 1 cup.

The saltine cracker crumbs are used to absorb excess moisture from the tomatoes. The salt is already in the mixture, and the crackers themselves are less buttery than the ritz or and less sweetthan the graham cracker options. Pour the crumbs into the prepared pan and press them onto the bottom and 1 inch up the side of the pan. Some of the colonial versions of an onion pie also had apples and potatoes in the pie mix. Saltine cracker crust works the same as any other crumb crust, but with one difference. Lemon pie with a saltine crust aka bill smiths atlantic beach pie this might fall into the category of something everyone else knows about but me crushed saltine crackers plus butter and sugar makes a slamming good pie crust. Press the dough into the bottom of a 9inch pie pan and chill for 20 minutes. Lastly, you have the option of using a pie crust or making a crust from saltine cracker crumbs. Dump saltine crackers and salt into a food processor. Combine crushed crackers, italian seasoning, garlic powder, salt. I use soda crackers, saltines, graham crackers or buttery round crackers, finely crushed.

Layer crab or ham, onion, mushrooms and 8 ounces of cheese reserve remaining for top carefully on crust in order listed. Simple spinach quiche with cracker crust recipe by valaer. Pie crust crackers savory mushroom, rosemary, parmesan. Crush about 60 saltine crackers in a ziptop bag to make 234 cups crumbs. Press cracker mixture into bottom and up sides of a 9inch pie plate. Ingredients for easy peach pie with an easy pie crust.

Crush the saltine crackers in a large ziploc bag with a rolling pin or jar. Transfer to a parchmentlined baking sheet, brush with egg wash, and bake at 425f for 12 minutes being sure to rotate the pan half way thru. I buy aluminum pie pans, and make up 4 or 5 crusts at a time using the cracker crumbs, then i put a paper plate over the top of the aluminum pie after i do my crust and put in the freezer, easy when needing a pie, just take out the crust and i am ready for my recipe. You could also use bread crumbs if you are in a rush, but the taste of the saltine crackers is delicious. In a large bowl, whisk together condensed milk and remaining 4 ingredients until smooth. I make it with pecans and serve it with whipped topping and one shake of nutmeg on top. Bake the crust for 15 to 20 minutes, or until the edges are golden brown. Key lime pie is a great basic recipe to customize to your liking. Add the melted butter and corn syrup and pulse until the crumbs are about the size of oatmeal another 15 pulses. Chill for 15 minutes, then bake for 18 minutes or until the crust colors a little. Press the dough into the bottom of a 9inch pie pan and chill. I like to use a can of drained fruit cocktail but it would also be good with a can of drained pineapple. Top filled pie with topping and bake for 50 minutes at 375 degrees. I use saltine crackers but ive heard of other folks using ritz type crackers.

Lemonbuttermilk icebox pie, strawberrylemonbuttermilk icebox pie with baked gingersnap crust, key limebuttermilk icebox pie with baked buttery cracker crust, mangolemonbuttermilk icebox pie with baked saltine cracker crust, peach divinity icebox pie. Place crackers in a heavyduty sealable bag and crush with a rolling pin into crumbs that resemble sand, leaving some larger crumbs for texture. Crush up your crackers using your hands or banging them with a can until theyre uniformly small and crumb like. Fold in sugar, baking powder, crackers, vanilla and pecans. Icebox pie with baked saltine cracker crust, peach divinity icebox pie. Cut butter into small pieces and mix into the cracker crumbs with your fingers until wellincorporated and doughlike. I use a graham cracker crust because it gives the pie a sweeter, more flavorful taste. North carolina lemon pie uses saltine crackers instead of a graham. Press into a 9inch pie plate, moulding bottom and sides. A personal information gap resulting from my limited exposure to both church basement and southern food, i guess. You can use a food processor, but its just as easy to use your hands.

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